Every second, 67,000 searches are made on Google, therefore, it is crucial you make your blog seen. To ensure your content is read, you need to understand the two main writing categories: time-sensitive content and evergreen content.

Time-sensitive blogs are posts with expiration dates such as news, updates, and trends and usually feature an item that changes often.

Types of time-sensitive content:

  • Current trends
  • Dated statistics
  • Timely reports
  • Case studies
  • Current fashion trends
  • New social networks or software
  • New product releases
  • Event-related

Publishing time-sensitive content makes your company look like a thought-leader/the first to deliver breaking news and big announcements. If successful, it will grab readers’ attention, generate traffic and boost your SEO ranking. A great way to get more visibility is to add social share icons and enable comments on your post.

Evergreen blogs are the opposite of time-sensitive blogs as it doesn’t have an expiration date and the content is more or less always relevant, bringing readers to the post over and over again.

Types of evergreen content:

  • Tips
  • How-to
  • Product reviews
  • Surveys
  • Guides and tutorials
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Educational

Due to the fact these types of posts are timeless, your SEO rankings are higher. You will see an increase in traffic and a consistency in lead generation.

When writing a blog post, perform keyword research sing Google’s free keyword research tool and find relevant words and phrases which will make your blog more discoverable. Make sure to add your keywords into your blog post’s URL and add relevant inbound links to your website (e.g if your blog post discusses social media and you have previously written about social media, link the phrase social media to the previously published social media blog post) – it is recommended to add around three into a post.

In addition, getting backlinks to your site (other websites linking to your website straight to your article) will also give your blog credibility which improves your SEO ranking. A great way to do this is to submit your blog post to online directories, memberships, publishers and through social media posts.

Recent reports have revealed that updating and republishing old evergreen blog posts with new content and images can increase organic traffic by 111.37%.