Boost SEO rankings and brand credibility by targeting the correct audience and creating content that adds value. As for current, published content, first thing to be done is to examine and refresh it. After that, find the most popular post, figure out what makes them popular, learn more about your audience and find out a way how to combine new content with the old, but successful content.

It’s not all about content for SEO. It’s also about user experience. So if your site isn’t mobile friendly or site links / menus are broken, then this will affect your Google rankings and general traffic. Make sure to test all your site links and unwanted duplications, ensure all images have ALT text and the site is accessible to all and check the page’s speed.

Content can be visual not just textual. However, if you are using graphics, then ensure they are correctly sized and pay attention to file size. If you’re using WordPress, then good idea would be to download the plugin SMUSH IT and “smush” all media. In addition, make sure you have enough hosting space as this can also affect the speed and usability of your site.

Lastly, ensure you maintain your online presence as you don’t want your pages to get indexed by Google! If you don’t regularly update your site / add new posts then you’re opening doors to competitors and inviting Google to lower your SEO rankings.

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