Having a sensational web design but poor content effectively means that your website is pointless. Without great content, your website won’t climb up Google and rank on the first page. In order to boost SEO rankings, gain traffic and new business, you need to have great content with regularly updated posts. However, for your content strategy to work, your content must be original, relevant, engaging and thought provoking.

Link to similar content online

  • On Open Site Explorer / Ahrefs, you can find similar content.
  • When similar content has been found, look on LinkedIn or Buzz Stream to find the author’s / link sharer’s details and message them on LinkedIn / by email.

Approach an industry expert

  • Approach an Industry Expert and request a quote / review / to share with their connections.

Update your email signature

  • Add the following text: [Your Name], Author of [Title – link text]

Press Release

  • Submit a synopsis of the article with a download link to an industry publication.

Turn your article into a video / slide stack 

  • Create a presentation and submit on SlideShare, Slideshow, Photosnack, LinkedIn and ISSU. If a video is created, share on YouTube.

Turn article into a magazine on Flipboard

Schedule Posts

  • Use Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule posts.
  • Promote content and schedule 20 different snippets of the article.
  • Pin the Tweet.

Mass Mail

  • Send an e-shot to LinkedIn Contacts (yours and others in the business).
  • Include a “share bar” in your email.

Promote online (PAID)

  • Use LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
  • Use Twitter Cards
  • Use Facebook Sponsored Posts
  • Google AdWords

Turn article into an infographic

  • Highlight key data and add link to the bottom to direct people to the full version.

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Use Google Trends to narrow down which areas search for a certain keyword and what phrases they use to find results.
  • Use the Google AdWords keyword tool to see what key phrases and words have the highest competition and most search results and use the top hits in your article.
  • Use SEOBOOK Copy the URL of a similar article and see what keywords they have used and mimic the content.