90% of consumers use multiple screens for everyday activities so when creating a website or simply sending out a mail-shot, ensure that your digital advert is viewable on all devices (Tablets, small and large Smartphones, Desktop computers and laptops).

84% of social network advertising revenue comes from mobile ads, therefore you should make it as easy as possible for consumers to engage with your company with a click of a button. These figures show that it is mandatory to have CTAs (call-to-action) wherever possible, for example our campaign could have a click-to-call feature, a simple online form or a store locater map so the consumer could go directly to the company and handle the product / enquire about the service in person.

Recent research studies have found that consumers are now using mobile search to help them with their purchasing decisions. If has been found that enabling mobile search on your websites increases the chances of;

  • Visits to a store: 57%
  • Call to a business: 39%
  • Make a purchase: 51%

A company doesn’t have to have an app to be mobile friendly, a website just needs to be viewable, interactive and aesthetically pleasing.

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