A few basic tips that you need to get right so that you can see greater conversion rates.

Create exclusivity

This a great trick if you are an e-commerce / retail company. Creating a “members club” and offering exclusivity such as “pre-order” or “sale sneak preview” for current customers, can make customers feel valued and will then become more loyal to the brand.

Request feedback

Asking for feedback shows your customers that you value their input and want to tailor your services around them to ensure they get the best experience. Just make sure your message isn’t too pushy and comes across as genuine!

Master your company’s tone

Don’t email too formally (unless that’s your company’s tone of voice) – make sure your emails portray your company as approachable.

Always create conversions

Create opportunities for conversions – whether they’re big or small, always make sure that there is something that can be measured. This can be as little as adding a social media link and measuring the number of clicks which turned into follows.

Include downloads

Create call-to-actions and share “freebies” with your customers as a “thank you” for being loyal to the brand.

Tell readers what to do next

Create a next step to ensure you keep the conversation going whilst maintaining a rapport. This could be a request to set-up a follow-up call, a read receipt or simply a reply to the email (e.g reply to receive X download).

Incentivise through referral codes

Adding referral codes has the potential to turn every email into a sales opportunity.

Include buttons

Sometimes hyperlinked text can be missed. Creating buttons makes a bolder call-to-action and simply tells your reader what you want them to do.

Remind readers what you do

Your reader may have previously bought from you and either forgotten about you or didn’t know you offered other products or services. Remind them what you do! This can be done easily by simply adding a brief “about us” section in the footer.