Did you know… retargeting customers helps businesses reach the 98% of people who haven’t converted during their first website visit?

Did you know… retargeting customers helps businesses reach the 98% of people who haven’t converted during their first website visit?

Here’s how you should retarget…

  1. Target customers based on their searches.
  2. Target customers on what they have/haven’t viewed (products, actions / actions not taken).
  3. Target how you acquired customers.
  4. Target the customers who engage with you by email.
  5. Target customers who view similar content to your existing customers.
  6. Target customers on social media.
  7. Target customers who have visited your competitor’s website.

Wondering why your website visitors are leaving your site? 

Here are some potential reasons…

Your site’s speed is too slow

If your pages are taking a while to load, you’re automatically losing your prospective customers’ interest. Check your website speed here.

Your website isn’t interactive or conventional

A study found that 94% of people distrust a website due to design problems.

If your site has ….

  • A dull design,
  • A chaotic layout,
  • Poor navigation / limited search functions,
  • Too many pop-ups,
  • Unreadable font (size and style), and
  • Too much text – not enough white space / imagery

… then you could be pushing your potential / existing customers away and need to consider putting some time and money into website maintenance and updates.

Your content isn’t quite as compelling as you thought

The font, colour and the content impacts your (potential) customers’ first impressions of your business. If your customer can’t access certain aspects of your website, can’t read the content or has difficulty in using your website, then they will give up and go elsewhere.

Keep your site’s design and content clean, clear and easy to read.

Your website is too salesy

Is the first thing that your customer sees on your website a pop-up? Or do you have several ads on your site? This can become very annoying, very quickly.

Having too many ads can make your website seem untrustworthy which will force customers to leave your site earlier than desired.

There are too many fields in the forms

According to Formstack, reducing the number of form fields to 10 or under increases conversions by 120%. Just imagine that your customer is completing the form on a phone or tablet …

So if your forms are time consuming or invasive, then you could be putting your customers off. If you don’t need all of those extra fields then get rid of them!

It’s not easy to navigate around the site

If your navigation is poor, customers will exit the site. When building your site, view it as if you’re a customer visiting it for the first time. How would you want it to look / read / navigate?

You don’t have a CTA

Calls-to-action (CTA) are a necessity! These can be to drive enquiries, increase sign-ups, encourage purchases… You just need to make sure that they are to the point and noticeable.

Your website isn’t responsive

Nearly 8/10 customers stop engaging with content when it doesn’t display well on their device. Websites need to be viewable on all screen sizes; desktop, laptop, table, phone etc.

Did you know Google prioritises responsive websites? Make sure you’re not missing out on organic SEO opportunities!