Cancelling or rescheduling an event doesn’t necessarily have to be your only option! Consider taking your events online and virtually hosting them live via Facebook or Instagram.

Going live is a great way to broadcast real-time video as you don’t need a professional setup because you can do it using a camera on a desktop or mobile device!

Types of events you can virtually host:

  • Q&A
  • Create a live series
  • Interviews – including a member of your audience
  • Teach your audience how to do something (from crafts to workouts)
  • Showcase your products or services

Tips for your live event:

  • Use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data the connection will make a smooth video
  • Use a tripod or prop your phone on something for a steadier shot
  • Your audience will be commenting during the broadcast so try to respond to them throughout
  • To get more viewers, post about your event in advance. You can create an event post on Facebook, or a story with the countdown sticker on Instagram
  • Create a buzz prior to the event by promoting it and posting about it in advance. You can do this by creating an event page, sharing posts, and creating a countdown story
  • At the end of your live event, save the video and upload them to YouTube/save them somewhere on your website so you have an extensive portfolio