On Monday 15th January 2018, I was invited to speak in front of six members of the House of Lords Communications committee about my experience in the Advertising industry.

The committee wanted to know my thoughts about the following:


  • Please could you outline the content of your current/recent course? 
  • What specific skills does your course seek to provide? Do such skills feel up to date with the current requirements of the advertising industry? Or do you think University should teach you more general analytical skills that can be applied in a range of work contexts? 
  • What is the role of industry internships or sandwich years in your course? If so, what skills, knowledge and experience have they provided?
  • Before you started this course, what perceptions did you have of advertising as a career? What were the perceptions of your family and friends to advertising as a career? 
  • How have your perceptions of advertising changed as a result of doing this course? Has the course changed your career plans and, if so, why?    


  • What was your interaction with the advertising industry before you started this course? Did your school provide adequate career advice on the options available to you in the advertising industry and associated creative sectors?
  • What were the strengths and weaknesses of the education provided by your school in equipping you for this course and a career in advertising? 


  • Are you aware of any barriers to students from BAME or other under-represented communities in the UK entering the advertising industry?
  • Have you taken part in any outreach programmes? If so, how useful were they?


  • What has been the impact of Brexit on students from both the UK and EU nations?

It was an honour to be selected and interviewed by the panel and the responses I received from the Barons, Baronesses and Lord filled me with pride.

The recordings and report will be published online shortly. A link to this will be posted as soon as it’s live!