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90% of consumers use multiple screens for everyday activities so when creating a website or simply sending out a mail-shot, ensure that your digital advert is viewable on all devices (Tablets, small and large Smartphones, Desktop computers and laptops).



A recent study found that 88% of customers are influenced by an online review when making a purchase and one negative review on yelp can cost a company 30 customers, if not more.

There are several types of negative reviews, for instance it could be due to the product or service, the brand experience or the lack of information which lead the customer to disappointment.


February 8, 2017

Moving Domains


Have a new website which is also on a new domain? Looking to forward your current domain to your new domain? We’ve all been there … we’ve all had the fear of losing all of our organic and paid SEO that we have heavily invested in to bring ourselves to the top of Google. Fear not! Major search engines use metrics on both the domain level and the page level to determine rankings. Therefore, you can still save some of your SEO so long as you follow WMiW’s checklist.